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The Moon Shadow Slot Game


The Moon Shadow slot game is brought to you by Betcrest Software. It is most well known for having a beautifully realised theme, based around mystical nocturnal wildlife, a mysterious woman, and the largest moon you are ever likely to see outside a Dick Tracy comic. The artwork of the game is outstanding, with high …

The Monopoly Big Event Slot Game


Monopoly is a well loved board game, played across the world in almost every country on Earth, and renowned for it’s highly entertaining play systems. The Monopoly Big Event slot game, created by Barcrest Software, is based around the beloved board game, and does an excellent job of capturing all the recognisable aspects. Players will …

The Barkin Mad Slot Game


The Barkin Mad slot game, created by Barcrest Software, is known for its somewhat bizarre, but highly entertaining theme. The theme of the game is based around a high profile dog show, presented in a cartoon-ish art style. The contenders of the dog show are a collection of extremely unusual canines, ranging fro the prissy …