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Va Banque Explained


The term va banque, also written as va banque, comes from a game that was most popular in the eighteenth century, titled pharo, or Faro. The term means that the player would like to make a bet equal to the current total in the games bank. The result of which, obviously, is either that the …


The Scientific Cardplayer


The Scientific Cardplayer an Italian Drama The Scientific Cardplayer is the English language title of a 1972 Italian drama film Lo Scopone Scientifico. The film was directed by Luigi Comencini, with screenplay Rodolfo Sonego. The basic storyline is about an aging American millionairess from the States who, with her card playing partner and chauffeur, George, …


Three Strangers


Three Strangers Disrupted by Sweepstakes Ticket Three Strangers is a 1946 film that is set in 1938 London. Perhaps that setting of just before everything changes and new priorities come to pass is significant in the storyline and eventual outcome of the movie, but there is nothing in the story per se that links it …


Spinning 7’s


A Glance at Spinning 7’s Online Slots Distributed by Novomatic, Spinning 7’s is a video slot with five reels, 20 paylines, and several bonus and optional features. It has a classic theme, which includes an interface and reel symbols designed to look like a land-based slot machine. In terms of look and feel, the theme …