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The Explorers


The Explorers Online Slots Overview The Explorers is an online slots game created by Novomatic. Although not one of the largest online software developer companies, the brand is constantly growing, and as they provide software to more online casinos, they are becoming better known in the gaming industry. Many of their slots games are also …

The Alchemist


Exploring the Alchemist Online Slots The arcane philosophy of alchemy was the predecessor to modern chemistry, and sought to turn base metals into gold as well as purify and perfect the human spirit. The ancient art provides inspiration for the Alchemist online slot. Distributed by Novomatic, it is a video slot that has five reels, …

Supreme Hot


Supreme Hot Online Slots Description Taking retro slot machines as its cue, Supreme Hot has traditional symbols, three reels, and 27 fixed paylines. The online slot, distributed by Novomatic, has a user-friendly interface with betting options available as individual buttons. It can apply bonus multipliers, which could increase payouts, and it has a jackpot bonus …


Spinning 7’s


A Glance at Spinning 7’s Online Slots Distributed by Novomatic, Spinning 7’s is a video slot with five reels, 20 paylines, and several bonus and optional features. It has a classic theme, which includes an interface and reel symbols designed to look like a land-based slot machine. In terms of look and feel, the theme …